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Becoming Comfortable With The Unknown
with John Sanei

How to navigate through this uncertainty with a clear and elegant perspective

How Can I Control My Thoughts?
with Dr. Saliha Afridi

Sharing an exercise to help you detangle yourself from your thoughts

A Change To Togetherness
with Team Angel Wolf

How to make change through diversity

How To Care For Your Children's Mental Health?
with Dr. Catherine Frogley

Sharing strategies for helping your children to name and manage difficult emotions 

How Do I Get Rid Of My Anxiety And Sadness?
with Dr. Saliha Afridi

Make space for your emotions

Have A Lovely Day Ahead
with Maria Vitoratos

Food for thought about three key words: intention, purpose, and interest

Help Your Children Calm Their Worry
with Dr. Daniela Salazar

Help your children calm their worry and anxiety

Online Therapy
with  Wise Mind Center

Providing mental health services for adults, adolescents, and couples

Managing Negative Emotions
with  Sabahat Ahmed

Sharing tips on improving life while physically isolated

Supplements For Immunity
with  Jovana and Blue Lights Wellness

Sharing nutrition advices to improve immunity

Relaxing Breathing Techniques
with  Marianne Core Connect

Simple techniques to relax and reenergise

Stress - A Silent Killer
with  Dr. Shefali Verma

Know how to manage your own stress bucket

Train The Sensory Mismatch
with  NeuroPilates

Motion sickness - Train the sensory mismatch

Permission To Feel
with Dr. Saliha Afridi

Do you tend to struggle with your emotions, leading to anxiety and avoidance?

Ramadan Preparation
with Conscious Living

Ramadan intention, meal planning, and daily routine

Make The Most Out Of Ramadan
with Coach Aliya

3 things you can do to ensure you have a really great month ahead

How To Uplift Your Community
with John Sanei

Here are some the things my friends and I are doing

How To Get Rid Of Stress
with Farah Kabir

Understanding how a feeling is created is what will give the tools to change it immediately

Covid Connections
with Lucy Kidd and Maria Haggo

We talk about building and sustaining meaningful virtual relationships with your team, colleagues and customers.

Exploring Our Immune System
with Rebecca Silver and Maria Haggo

We explore our immune system and how external and internal factors can influence it and the 3 ways to boost it naturally

Achieve Self-development
with Transform8

Meet our experts for your personal or corporate transformation

Guided Visualisation
with Zoe Mind Coach

How to achieve blissful relaxation in just 6 minutes

Me And My Voices
by Andreea  Zoia

Reveal how people can avoid speaking as if they are “caged” and share her best practices to master speaking in public

Mother Nature Poem
by Dana Dajani

A collaboration between spoken word poet Dana Dajani, and Dubai- based designers, the other label, who use premium organic linens to create a fluid, feminine, modest travel wear collection.







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