Watch the best stand-up sketches by local comedians.

Parody Song
by Mina Liccione

Once you go shataffa you can’t turn-it-offa

It's Coronation Day
with Mina Liccione 

When they extend social distancing for another week

Working From Home Be Like
with Dubomedy and Ali Al Sayed

Who else can relate? 

Joking About Your Wife
with Ali Al Sayed

When trying out jokes about your wife, to your wife! 

How Arabs Give Directions
with Ali Al Sayed

When you get lost and ask an Emirati for directions

Origins Of Dance
with Mina Liccione and Dubomedy

Performing stand-up at The Music Hall Dubai

Chicken Before Eggs?
with The Laughter Factory

Jimmy Shubert performing stand-up in Dubai

The Silliest Noises
with The Courtyard Playhouse

Challenge you to make the silliest noises ever





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