Meet well-known coaches and personal trainers

and learn yoga, Zumba, Pilates, boxing, HIIT, dance, and much more at home.

Squat Workout
With Remi
by BEinShape

Grab your partner and get ready for some serious squats

Athlete Home Workout
With Nicolas
by Coach Nic

Celebrity trainer Coach Nic has pro athletes doing this routine all around the world to get stronger and more athletic

Mobility Workout
With Tanja
by Tanja Personal Trainer

To keep your balance you must keep moving

Core And Glutes Workout
With Steph
by Tranquil Steph

3 sets of 3 different exercises

Yoga Flow Stretch
With Steph
by Tranquil Steph

Yoga flow deep stretch for neck, chest, and back

Hip Hop Class 
With Angela
by Diverse Choreography

Learn online some cool Hip Hop and Jazz Funk routines

Legs And Abs Killer Workout
With Crank
by Crank

Did someone ask for legs and abs killer exercises?

Zumba Class
With Noha
by Zumba With Noha

Just be yourself and move like no one is watching

Home Workout
With Fani
by Fani Chatzizisi

100 Crunches + 90 Russian Twists +80 Alternate Air Squats with a Twist + 70 Superman + 60s Plank + 50 Reverse Crunches + 40 Lunges to Front Kicks + 30 Push Up to Side Planks + 20 Reverse Plank Touches + 10 Elbow to Knee Alternate Crunches

HIIT Workout
With Tarek
by Tarek Al Zaim

Circuits with high-intensity interval training exercises

Tabata Workout
With Tarek
by Tarek Al Zaim

A 16 minute workout alternating 20s of intense effort followed by 10s of rest

Lower Back Exercises
With Juliette
by Juliette Alexander

Stretches and exercises for lower back issues

Pilates Workout
With Fenya
by Fenya T

Complete 3-5 rounds spending 1 minute per exercise and resting 1 minute break in between rounds

10 Round Circuit
With Aldin
by Aldin Busnov

50 singles + 10KB swings + 50 singles + 20 push ups followed by 45s rest

Lower Body Workout
With Krzysztof 
by UFC Gym UAE

A combination of back lunges and side lunges

Spine Flow 
With Tímea 
by Tímea Yoga

Discover how to move your core and spine

Home Workout 
With Mark 
by Body Language Health Club

Offering online PT sessions and group classes

HIIT Home Workout 
With Maram 
by Maram's Greatest HIITS

Offering different kind of HIIT workouts using home equipment

Active Stretch And Mobility
With Allaoua 
by Allaoua Yoga

Yoga is about practice, healthy, and happiness. Start your journey!

Restorative Yoga
With Lina 
by Yogi Truck

Nice deep stretch to slow you down and relax

Chair Burner Workout 
With Maram 
by Maram's Greatest HIITS

A 35 minute lower body HIIT workout - high and low impact

Home Workout 
With Jade 
by Body Language Health Club

Offering online PT sessions and group classes

Ultimate Mat Pilates 
With Amba 
by Dryp and Ultimate Body Pilates

Private and group Pilates Zoom classes available 

HIIT Workout 
With Beka 
by Fitness First

A combination of jumping jacks, bicycles, mountain climbers

HIIT Workout 
With Dxb_fit_pt
by Dxb_fit_pt

High-intensity exercises to burn calories in short amount of time

Live Home Workouts 
With Barry's
by Barry's

Live home workout sessions available every day

Bodyweight Workout 
With Adam
by Best Body Co.

5 sets of 20 reps for following exercises

Killer Core Workout 
With Roberta
by Fitness With Roberta

A mix of bicycle abs, sprinter crunches, oblique twists

Basic Gymnastics 
With Sveta
by Coach Sveta

Every Sunday from 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm

Private Dance Classes
With Margarita
by Rifine Girl

Afrobeat mixed dance classes

High Plank Challenge
With Barbara
by Crema De Peanuts

How many times can you flip the bottle without dropping it?

HIIT Pyramid Workout 
With Maram 
by Maram's Greatest HIITS

Intense 20 minute workout with 3 sets for lower body, upper body, and core

Thigh Burner Exercise 
With Aya 
by The Barre Chronicles

It is a real burner, it is intense because it’s barre

Guided Sun Salutation
With Lara 
by Fit Republik

7 minutes. That's all you need to energise, stretch, and strengthen your body for the day ahead.

Fantastic 5 Workout
With Sara 
by Fit Republik

5 rounds of push-ups, air squats, sit-ups, and burpees

Home Workout
With Laure 
by Laure Personal Trainer

Includes deadlifts, jumping jacks touch, Bulgarian lunges, and single leg hip thursts

Animal Flow Workout
With Tanja
by Tanja Personal Trainer

Develop coordination and mobility, increase focus and energy, be more productive

Upper Body And Core
With Drey
by Underdog Boxn

Get your upper body lean and strong with this 40 minute workout 

Indoor Cycling
With Kim
by Motion Cycling

Online classes available





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