Express yourself – be it through paint, drawing, sculpture, or any other artistic medium.

Online Singing Classes
with Diverse Choreography

Take classes with our in-house musical theatre team

Clay Sculpture
with Charisse Melliza

Sculpt and paint clay 

Rhythm And Beats
with Mina Liccione

Fun way to make music with objects at home

Happy Pop Art
with Amel Touihri

Keep calm and love pop art

Avocado Seed Carving
with Charisse Melliza

Create little characters using avocado seeds

Private Painting Lessons
with Cathy Deniset

Happy to bring your colours and light at home through private painting classes

Sketch Magical Creatures
with Charisse Melliza

Unleash your imagination and bring little characters to life

Acrylic Painting
with Charisse Melliza

Paint on wood

Watercolour Painting
with The Jamjar

Create paintings inspired by polaroid pictures using watercolours

Illustrate Your Favourite Book
with Tilika D’souza and The Jamjar

Illustrate your favourite book using markers and watercolours

Paint With Your Child
with The Jamjar and Mixtura

Learn how to create a masterpiece with your child in this special collaboration

Hand-embellished Print Release
with Dina Saadi

Angela is a vibrant portrait of American political activist Angela Davis

Ramadan Lantern Craft
with Kidzapp UAE

This is an easy craft activity for kids that doesn't require many items, just coloured paper, scissors, and tape.

with Kidzapp UAE

Create a jumping frog with a simple piece of paper

Drawing Animals
with Little Miss Mommy

Drawing animals with simple shapes

Water Coloring
with Tilika D'souza

Watercolour painting process





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